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All You Need to Know About Progressive Jackpots

You join the casino, and reams of different games and slot machines loaded with cash await you. You've heard the rumors though: the house always wins. So, what games are worth the risk? How can you take away the greatest winnings and make the most of your gamble? Well, the greatest jackpot you can play for in the casino, is a progressive jackpot.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

progressive jackpots

The term refers to the type of game where the purse of winnings continues to grow as you win the games. You do not win the big prize initially, but rather it continues to grow. When the lucky winning combination is hit, the jackpot is won. These prize pools can grow very quickly, in comparison to your regular purses that are set the same throughout the day. This is the way to get the biggest payouts!

What is the Progressive Jackpot Meter?

progressive jackpots

When a machine is played, the winnings meter increases by a small amount every time. How much it grows by is determined by the house. This is normally displayed very clearly so that players are drawn towards the prize. Once the progressive jackpot is eventually won, it resets to the minimum level. It's common for several machines to be connected so that there is an even bigger payout that can grow exponentially faster. The house will often add some profit in for itself too.

Players are attracted to these games as only a small portion of the house's machines are connected together, and it brings novelty with it. On top of that, the flashy, constantly-changing meters work like a flame drawing moths.

How do I Play for the Big Win

These huge purses tend to only be handed out to those who wager the max amount of credits per play. These wagers will go into the pool, whether they are maximum credit-bets or not. Most often, you can only win the whole enchilada if you win the combination that comes with the top payoff on the machine.

Team Playing for the Jackpot

progressive jackpots

A common technique that is often frowned upon by the house and results in the ejection of players. Team playing may be against the policies at your preferred virtual gambling house, so it is important to check. Advantage gamblers (those who participate when there is a good expectation in the situation, i.e. when the progressive jackpot has already been made up by previous players) will often try this. The players will organize teams of gamblers who will go on the machines, even in shifts and texting each other to take over when they need to rest. This also ploy also restricts other people from using the machines. This technique is most often attempted in brick and mortar houses as it does not work well online as there can be an unlimited amount of the same machine.

So, that's the progressive jackpot in a nutshell. Online, the highest progressive jackpots come from Mega Moolah slot machines, which were €8,012,153.35, and €7,968,311.26. In Excalibur Casino, Las Vegas, the biggest jackpot win was an incredible $39,710,826.36. What are you waiting for?